Technology Incubators

Medical/bioscientific publications add value to your venture as they are considered a prestigious and credible source of information by investors, analysts, and the medical community at large.   
BioInsight Ltd can help you strategize and implement a Publication Plan to get the most out of your medical/scientific publications   

Publication Planning
  • Maximizing the impact of your data on your target audiences using evidence-based strategic approach to planning your medical/scientific publications (articles and congress presentations)
Publication Plan – Execution: Medical/Bioscientific Writing Support
Developing scientifically rigorous, clear and concise publications in an ethical and seamless manner. Supporting:
  • Manuscripts (nonclinical, clinical, reviews) for peer-reviewed journals 
  • Abstracts, slide presentations, and posters for scientific congresses
Competitive Intelligence (CI)
Strategic and actionable CI  reports for your team
  • Summaries of the peer-reviewed literature (key data points and messages)
  • Quantitative analysis of the  publication landscape in your area of interest 
  • Strategic recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative analyses 
Protocols for clinical trials
  • Collaborating with your principal investigators to develop a clinical trial protocol and submitting it to the Helsinki committee at the medical center of your choice
Support for internal/external documents and presentations (eg, slide presentations for investors)